Survivor's Rose

The name “Survivor” was suggested by a group of Survivors’ who worked in the World Trade Center. Lead by JoAnn Pedersen the group said there could be no other name for their rose. The survivors’ who made it out of the World Trade Center helped rescue others, aiding in their escape down the stairwells before the Towers collapsed. At the Pentagon survivors struggled to reach safety after Flight 77 crashed into the building, ordinary people became heroes to one another.

“Survivor” was hybridized by Ping Lim. “Survivor” is a Bailey Nurseries Rose


We invite you to share in the vision and participate with us in making the "Remember Me" Rose Garden a reality.

A perpetual Maintenance Fund has been created to support and maintain each of the three Gardens. To finance this fund, eleven roses will be named in honor of the victims of September 11, 2001, a donation from the sale of each rose will be directed to the Maintenance Fund.